Sending Art

Please read this entire page before sending artwork. The info on this page will help keep your order from being delayed because of problems with improper artwork. Artwork Submission Formats that StickHACK can accept for artwork. – .pdf, zip, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, eps, ai, cdr, tif, bmp

Digital vector artwork saved from your design software as an .eps or .ai file. We also accept native CoreDRAW ( .cdr ) Files Vers. X6 & below. Convert all text to paths/outlines/curves to eliminate the need for the fonts to be present when we open your file. Paths also make logos more stable and less likely for spacing to change between letters or words.

Digital pixel based artwork saved as a TIFF, or JPEG file from Adobe Photoshop or other similar pixel based graphics program. These images MUST be created at 300 DPI resolution at the final size you want your image to print. (i.e. if you’re printing 3″ x 6″ stickers, the artwork should be created at that size at 300 DPI aka 900 x 1800 pixels). If you save a file as a JPEG, DO NOT COMPRESS IT. The more you compress a JPEG the worse it will look when printed. Avoid JPEG’s if you can.

DO NOT TAKE ARTWORK FROM THE WEB. It is usually saved at 72 DPI, which will print HORRIBLY (and may also be illegal if the image does not belong to you)! Do not resize/blow up an image from 72 DPI to 300 DPI as it will still print badly (a low resolution pixel image will look even more pixelated when blown up). If you are sending Black & White art with gradients, make sure to change it to
Grayscale Mode before saving. If the artwork is solid Black & White change it to Bitmap mode. Doing these things will reduce your file size enabling you to email the file to us easily.

We can accept digital artwork via our FTP upload site ( 10 MB maximum ) and e-mail (3 MB maximum).

Files that are compressed as ZIP (.zip) are fine. You can also physically mail us your file on a variety of digital media, such as a floppy disk (if the file will fit), a ZIP disk or CD-R. Let us know that you are sending artwork to us so we will know to expect it.

Other Considerations

Template not Needed – Have your own idea? Send it. StickerHACK isn’t constrained by simple boxes like others. We can provide you a custom

Keep it simple – A simple, high-contrast design works best. Designs should be clear, easy to read and use bold lettering. Look at our sticker samples for some ideas.

Special Colors – We offer a range of special colors, Chrome, Gold and Florescent just ask us.

Photo Quality – We also offer full photo quality images, so whatever you dream up we can HACK. – StickerHACK.

Sticker Size Limits – NONE.